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Become a Partner With The Heartlanders

The Heartlanders are excited to learn more about your organization and work with you in mutually-beneficial and creative ways. Partnerships range from $250 to multi-thousand-dollar deals. Those interested can reach out to the Heartlanders at info@iowaheartlanders.com and by calling 319-569-4625. 

Here are some of the top ways to get involved.

Physical and digital advertisements displayed at a Heartlanders game is one of the most-popular ways for your business and organization to spread their message. Dasherboards (the boards that line the ice) feature unique colors and branding messages from local partners across the Midwest. 

Additionally, the video board and ribbon board at Xtream Arena, combined with public address announcements, often make it very accessible for companies to show their pride for the Heartlanders in eastern Iowa. 

“There are so many ways to connect with what we’re building here,” Getz said. “Traditional cash sponsorships, trade/value-in-kind, group tickets, preferred partnership designation, employee reward and recognition programs, fundraising opportunities, ticket donation programs, birthday parties and other celebrations, player appearances, philanthropic activities, and things we haven’t yet dreamed up – and we’re interested in talking to anyone and everyone who is wants to work together to enhance the experience of living in the Corridor.”

If your business is looking for a unique way to get involved, the Heartlanders are also looking for trade partners. Essentially, if you provide a service you feel could benefit the Landers, we are interested in learning about you and finding a cost-effective trade. Often, businesses might trade a service in exchange for tickets for their clients and employees so that they can enjoy the fast-paced action of Heartlanders Hockey. 

Preferred partner
Preferred partners provide Heartlanders sponsors a way to showcase their company and “own” a specific part of a Heartlanders game or promotion. The team has preferred partners that help stage the team’s communications and digital reach, and others that are part of the game night experience in attending Xtream Arena. 

If this sounds like it’s for you, reach out to the Heartlanders and we can brainstorm the perfect way to spread your company’s message and expand their reach to a whole new demographic. 

Bonus: Social Media/Radio/Television: The Heartlanders have more than 20,000 followers on their social media platforms and work with partners on videos, graphics and messages. The Heartlanders also have sponsored opportunities with radio and television commercials that play during Iowa games on Mediacom MC22 and mixlr.com/goheartlanders

Under the direction of Heartlanders Hockey LLC, the Heartlanders are looking forward to a successful 2023-24 season and expanding the team’ reach in eastern Iowa. To learn more about corporate partnership opportunities with the club and join the Heartlanders family, please call 319-569-4625 or email info@iowaheartlanders.com.